St. Barts Tourist: About St. Barts (St. Barth), Getting to St. Barts, St. Barts resorts and villas

This is a simple site to help you plan an upcoming visit to the beautiful island of St. Barts.

St. Barts, or St. Bart, or St. Barth is short for St. Barthelemy  (although the locals seem to spell it St. Barth).   Whatever you call St. Barts, it is a wonderful, beautiful, mountainous island of about 9 square miles in the French West Indies.

If you know anything about St. Barts, it's that it's THE location for the rich and famous in the Caribbean.  During the really high season (late December and early January), St. Barts is a place to be seen.  Famous visitors like David Letterman, PDiddy, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss and Jimmy Buffet flock to St. Barth every winter. 

But there is more to St. Barts than celebrities.  Due to its french background, St. Barts has some fabulous restaurants.  But St. Bart's amazing beaches are the true reason to visit this eastern Caribbean island.  St. Barth was rated one of the top ten beach destinations in the world by the Travel Channel.

But don't say no to St. Barts because of the pricetag and flocks of fancy people - during the off season, St. Barts can be an affordable and a quiet/restful Caribbean destination.

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